6th International Self-Determination Theory Conference

The 6th International Self-Determination Theory (SDT) Conference will take place from June 2–5, 2016, in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, with poster submissions being accepted until February 1. Thefirst day (June 2) will start with a welcoming ceremony and Recognition of Presence on Coast Salish Territory, followed by presentations by SDT leaders on the most recent theoretical developments in self-determination theory, cumulating with a talk by the SDT founders and APS Fellows Edward Deci and Richard Ryan. A welcome reception will follow. The second day (June 3) will celebrate the science of SDT with several presentations of keynote speakers, symposia, paper sessions, and poster presentations. On the third day (June 4), the focus will be on the applications of SDT in various life contexts such as education, health, parenting, therapy, environment protection, societal issues, aging, etc. In addition to keynote speakers, paper sessions, and posters on the applications of SDT, various workshops on the practical approach of SDT will be offered. Some of them will showcase intervention programs. Community leaders and policy makers will be invited to attend this day of workshops, offering opportunities to bridge the theory and practice. Finally, the fourth day (June 5) will be the opportunity for expanding and connecting SDT to other theories and psychological processes that are studied in psychology.

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