Read about the latest research published in Psychological Science: State and Trait Effects on Individual Differences in Children’s Mathematical Development Drew H. Bailey, Tyler W. Watts, Andrew K. Littlefield, and David C. Geary  Research indicating a relationship between children’s early math achievement and their later math achievement seems to be at More

NY Daily News: For children, the lure of cookies and fast food is distinctly more powerful than for adolescents and adults, although children’s cognitive wiring is well suited to train such cravings, according to researchers hailing principally from Columbia University. “These findings are important because they suggest that we may More

PBS: A study published in Psychological Science says it is possible to train children’s brains to resist craving junk food. The cognitive strategy was developed by researchers at Columbia University, who took MRI brain scans of 105 children, adolescents and young adults while they looked at images of “unhealthy but appetizing” More

Traditionally, researchers in different fields have banded together, leading to ever-evolving but separate lines of work. However, there is now an increasing awareness that much can be learned by combining knowledge across a wide range of psychological and biological disciplines. This new focus on integrative work is especially evident in More