A quality research team is essential to conducting psychological research. While it is certainly possible to hand out surveys yourself, often research is far too complex for independent data collection. Perhaps you need confederates for your experiment. Perhaps you need to collect data when you are not physically available to More

I read with great interest the recent column by Roddy Roediger on the use of the h index to assess the scientific impact of psychologists. My experiences with the h index over the past year indicate that its strengths far outweigh its weaknesses, for reasons clearly explained by Roddy. I More

Planning your first attendance at a large national convention? The experience is unquestionably exciting. However, without a little advanced preparation, excitement can rapidly turn to over stimulation. People can only tolerate so much sensory input, and conventions have visual and auditory stimulation in spades. To top it off, there’s little More

An ongoing series in which highly regarded professors share advice on the successes and challenges facing graduate students. Dan McAdams’ research addresses how adults make sense of their lives through stories and how identity is a life story people begin constructing during late adolescence and young adulthood. McAdams, a professor More