Champions of Psychology: Dan McAdams

An ongoing series in which highly regarded professors share advice on the successes and challenges facing graduate students. Dan McAdams’ research addresses how adults make sense of their lives through stories and how identity is a life story people begin constructing during late adolescence and young adulthood. McAdams, a professor More

The Truth About ‘Open’ Labs

When underclassmen decide to join a research lab, many ask the wrong questions: “Which lab is the easiest?” instead of “which lab is the best fit for me?” It is a typical assumption among students that the “open” lab is less demanding, but they are later shocked to find it More

Surviving the Tenure Review Process: ‘Still Not King’

Among the worst parts of the tenure review process is the number of times one doesn’t hear the decision. In the hilarious “Very Secret Diary of Aragorn, Son of Arathorn” (a parody by Cassandra Claire based on a character from The Lord of the Rings), each day’s entry ends with More

Just Published

“Just Published” announces new books by APS Members. If you have published a book within the past year, e-mail a brief description of the book to Brain Gender Melissa Hines 2005 Oxford University Press ISBN: 019518836-5 307 pages How important are biological factors, such as sex hormones, in shaping More