First, you take an introduction to psychology class and recognize that understanding the multitude of topics in psychology won’t be easy. Then you make an even quicker realization that sorting through an infinite number of Web sites on every imaginable issue is unlikely to make your assignment any easier. There More

Psychology has no shipping department. We have research and development, but we don’t ship. -Robert Cialdini, Arizona State University Standing, from left: Alan Leshner, Holly Stocking, Carol Tavris, Lduy T. Benjamin, Sharon Begley, Jon Palfreman, Elizabeth, Ruksznis, Eliot Aronson, Robert Cialdini, Richard McNally, Sarah Brookhart. Seated, from left: K.C. Cole More

Cindy J. Lahar received the Fulbright Scholar Lecture/Research Award to Cambodia, where she worked at the Royal University of Phnom Penh from January through August 2004. Lahar was named a Carnegie Scholar for 2003-2004 and works with the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. I grew up More

In an ongoing series in which the APS Student Caucus talks with distinguished professors, APS Fellow and Charter Member Charles Carver recently shared his advice for success and challenges facing graduate students. Carver is a professor of psychology at the University of Miami and editor of the Personality Processes and More

Convocation participants at Yale on September 3, 2004. The President’s Room of Yale University is an elegant rotunda lined with stately portraits of many past presidents since Yale was founded in 1701. Under their collective gaze, 75 people convened September 3, 2004 to celebrate “75 Years of Excellence” – a More