Santos Record-Breaking Psychology Course Gets Coverage in New York Times

APS Fellow Laurie Santos has made a name for herself studying what makes the human mind different from that of other animals. But she’s just achieved another high mark in her scientific career — one that’s garnered her some media attention.

Santos is now teaching the most popular course in Yale University’s 316-year history; more than 1,180 undergraduate students are enrolled in her class, “Psychology and the Good Life. The popularity of the course is the subject of a January 26 story in The New York Times.

In the course, Santos is incorporating psychological science findings on social connections, gratitude, and other habits that promote emotional well-being.

Santos, who gained recognition for her cognitive experiments with monkeys and dogs to illuminate the unique aspects of the human mind, delivered the 2017 Bring the Family Address at the 29th APS Annual Convention in Boston. A video of her presentation is available here.

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