Inside the Psychologist’s Studio with Alan G. Kraut

APS Executive Director Emeritus Alan Kraut reflects on his career and the evolution of the association in this interview with APS Past President Robert Levenson as part of the series “Inside the Psychologist’s Studio.”

The interview was recorded live before a group of Kraut’s colleagues and friends at the 2015 APS Annual Convention in New York City.


Just watched and listened to the superb interview of that super guy Alan Kraut, led by excellent interviewer Bob Levenson. Thanks for all you have done, Alan, and done so well.

What a treat to recall the emergence of a strong and clear focus on basic and applied science epitomized in APS, through the career development of a developmental scientist!

Alan was our (science’s) strong advocate at APA, but thrived and rebuilt psychological science At APS. I think the Alan’s fostering ideas for APS sponsored “summits” were audacious for a small new organization yet proved APS’s value and strength. And through it all, a humor that was infectious.

This is a truly enjoyable way to remember how and why the science of psychology needed Alan to lead us in the creation of APS. I agree with Bruce’s comment that the summits were pivotal in the overall development of APS. And hearing Alan’s personal journey put special meaning to it. Thanks so much for doing and sharing this.

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