Newcombe, King Will Be New APS Journal Editors

Nora S. Newcombe

APS William James Fellow Nora S. Newcombe will become the new editor of Psychological Science in the Public Interest on January 1, 2019. She is the Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology at Temple University. She researches education and learning, specifically STEM learning and education, spatial learning, and cognitive maps.

Newcombe has been awarded the Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Child Development Award from the Society for Research in Child Development and the Women in Cognitive Science Mentorship Award. She also has received the George A. Miller Award for an Outstanding Recent Article on General Psychology, the G. Stanley Hall Award for Distinguished Contribution to Developmental Psychology, and the Award for Distinguished Service to Psychological Science. She has served as editor of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, Cognitive Psychology, and Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications and as associate editor of Psychological Bulletin, along with her service on numerous editorial boards and grant-review panels.

Laura A. King

Also on January 1, 2019, APS Fellow Laura A. King will become the new editor of Perspectives on Psychological Science. King is Curators’ Distinguished Professor of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri. She researches personality psychology, well-being, motivation, meaning in life, individual differences in intuitive information processing, and narrative approaches to personality and identity, among other topics.

King has received the Carol and Ed Diener Award for Outstanding Mid-Career Contributions to Personality Psychology from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology and the Templeton Positive Psychology Prize.

King is the author of two psychology textbooks and numerous scholarly articles and book chapters. She has served as associate editor for a number of journals in personality and social psychology and has served as editor of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.



As an art therapist with a particular interest in neuroscience and the applications of Mobile Bain/Body Imaging, I am hoping to run some ideas by you for publication. At your convenience please let me know the best ways to go about doing this.

Thanks so much

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