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Under the Cortex: Research Roundup

Catch up on the latest interviews exploring psychological science, including a skeptical “deep dive” on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator with APS Fellow Dan McAdams of Northwestern University.

Utilizing Pathway Programs Along Your Academic Journey

Learn how pipeline programs can support scholars from diverse ethnic, gender, and economic backgrounds, and see other early-career webinars.

Reminders of Years Left Motivate Older People

For successful messaging to older adults, ditch the stereotypes and help them savor the present.

Perspectives on Psych Science: Microaggressions Edition

These small, sometimes unintended behaviors can reduce wellbeing while reinforcing harmful stereotypes.

Comment on NIH’s Revised Definition of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research by 2/22

Current Directions in Psychological Science Podcast

Journal Editor Robert Goldstone invites researchers to dive deeper into the compelling insights behind their recently published research.

How Age Magnifies Experience

Cross-cultural differences in aging spotlight the need for policies unique to each country’s population and social context.

From Aging to Aging Well

An interdisciplinary group of scientists shares findings on what it means to age successfully.

Members in the Media 

Visit the MITM archive to view media coverage of our members’ research and to learn more about how they are sharing psychological science with the public.

Plus More Members News

Read about APS Fellows being selected for prestigious awards and appointments, as well as notable losses among the psychological science community.

The Cognitive Upside of Aging

Big data is allowing researchers to track the development of cognitive skills across the lifespan with greater accuracy than ever.

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