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APS COVID-19 Resources

Stay tuned to this growing collection of psychological science research and insights from the APS community.

Grant Policy Changes for Psychological Science Funders

With COVID-19 disrupting life around the world, funding agencies are issuing policy updates and other guidance related to grants and contracts. (Federal Research, Funding, and Policy, March 2020)

Entrepreneurship and Psychological Science

APS and psychological scientists are flexing their entrepreneurial muscles, aided by a grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. (Observation, February 2020)

How and Why We Misperceive Sexual Interest

People tend to project their own level of interest onto prospective partners, explaining some differences between the sexes. Insights from Psychological Science. (Observation, February 2020)

Text Messages Can Help Predict Suicide Attempts

Language in text messages may one day help clinicians predict risk of suicide attempt in real time, finds research in Clinical Psychological Science. (Observation, January 2020)

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