Measuring Performance of Individuals, Collectives

APS Fellow Randall W. Engle, editor of Current Directions in Psychological Science, is participating in an ongoing project sponsored by the National Academies to map out an agenda for research on measuring human capabilities and performance potential. By taking advantage of modern cognitive psychology and research on the role of individual differences in cognitive factors, the panel seeks to identify scientifically valid methods for assessing the capabilities and predicting performance of individuals in various jobs in the US Army. This is a panel of the National Research Council and the project is funded by the US Department of Defense. The panel consists of industrial and organizational psychologists, quantitative psychologists, and neuroscience scholars. Among them are: Stephen Stark, University of South Florida; APS Fellow John J. McArdle, University of Southern California; and Patrick Kyllonen, Educational Testing Service. Engle currently has a grant from the Office of Naval Research to study the assessment of Navy SEALs.

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