APS Spence Awards Announced

Eight psychological scientists have been selected as the recipients of the 2020 APS Janet Taylor Spence Award. The recipients are Dylan Gee (Yale University), who studies the neural mechanisms underlying emotion, anxiety, and stress-related disorders; Samuel Gershman (Harvard University), who studies computational modeling and reinforcement learning; Hyowon Gweon (Stanford University), who studies social learning and causal inferences; Kathryn Humphreys (Vanderbilt University), who studies the effects of early adversity, foster care, and institutional care; Luke Hyde (University of Michigan), who studies the developmental psychopathology of antisocial behavior in youth; Nour Kteily (Northwestern University), who studies intergroup hierarchy and dehumanization and their role in group-based conflict; Amitai Shenhav (Brown University), who studies computational neuroscience, decision-making, and neuroeconomics; and Jennifer Trueblood (Vanderbilt University), who studies how context influences risk/reward decision making.

Named after APS’s first elected President, the Spence Award recognizes early-career researchers who have made transformative contributions to the field of psychological science, such as establishing new paradigms within a subject area or advancing research that cuts across fields of study. The 2020 Spence Award recipients will be profiled in an upcoming issue of the APS Observer and will be recognized at the 32nd APS Annual Convention in Chicago, May 21–24, 2020.

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