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Under the Cortex 2021 Year in Review

A selection of the year’s most newsworthy and highly cited research from the APS journals. Hear from APS Media Relations Director Charles Blue and Senior Science Writer Ludmila Nunes, and browse among the full library of Under the Cortex interviews.

Communicating Psychological Science: Interview Series

This four-part series provides first-hand insights and tips on how to communicate the science through opinion pieces, podcasts, and blogs.

How Microaggressions Impact Individuals and Society

Learn from this special issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science and hear a related podcast.

Improving Psychological Science Articles Through Wiki Education

APS’s partnership with Wiki Education has improved Wikipedia’s coverage of psychological science in thousands of articles.

Comment on NIH’s Revised Definition of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research by 2/22

Current Directions in Psychological Science Podcast

Journal Editor Robert Goldstone invites researchers to dive deeper into the compelling insights behind their recently published research.

Climate Change

Identified as a key grand challenge of psychological science, climate change has attracted a growing body of evidence-based research aimed at improving public policy and decision making.

Myths and Misinformation

Even when people know better, they often rely on inaccurate or misleading information to make decisions. Articles in this collection explore the science involving topics from vaccinations to climate change to fake news more broadly. 

Members in the Media 

Visit the MITM archive to view media coverage of our members’ research and to learn more about how they are sharing psychological science with the public.

Plus More Members News

Read about APS Fellows being selected for prestigious awards and appointments, as well as notable losses among the psychological science community.

Science Communication

Whether you want to confront conspiracy theories, get your science in the media, or simply reach more followers on social networking platforms, you’ll find a growing list of battle-tested insights and tips in the Communicating Psychological Science column. 

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