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With temperature go tempers

Chilliwack Times:

For a while it seemed as though 2011 was going to skip summer altogether. But now that it’s here it’s worth reminding oneself that the likelihood of your being criminally victimized has just gone up.

Sadly, summer almost always sees a spike in criminal activity in these parts.

The very fact that schools are closed for a couple months is only part of the explanation for a bump in summertime crime.

People socialize outdoors more. They drink more and stay out later as the days are longer and the nights are warmer. You’re likely to come into contact with more strangers in social settings during the summer than the rest of the year combined.

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But the global temperature mainly depends on how much energy the planet receives from the Sun and how much it radiates back into space—quantities that change very little. The amount of energy radiated by the Earth depends significantly on the chemical composition of the atmosphere, particularly the amount of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

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