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From: The New York Times

The Value of Your Future Self

The New York Times:

I put on lipstick to meet my future self.

I was nervous. When Mike Wehner of The Daily Dot tried to talk to his future self — that is, the one rendered by the communication company Orange’s new Future Self tool — he encountered a “disfigured monster.” Future Self takes a picture of your face, “ages” you by 20 years and then lets you chat with your 2034 self — but as Mr. Wehner learned, it’s susceptible to fooling. He writes:

“I first noticed that the site’s facial recognition might be a bit wonky when it tried to capture a wrinkle on my shirt, thinking it was a human face. The app really tries its hardest to find a face anywhere it can, and the fact that you can upload any image you want — instead of letting the site use your webcam to find its own — only leads to disturbing results.”

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