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The secret to happiness? Ask this Yale professor (and the 1,200 students taking her class)

What’s the secret of happiness? Hard work.

But a little help from a Yale professor — and roughly 1,200 eager classmates — probably doesn’t hurt.

Laurie Santos teaches Psychology and the Good Life course at Yale, a class designed to teach students how to be happy. She said that much of the anxiety she sees comes from being focused on things that don’t lead to happiness.

“The hope is that teaching students the right way to spend their time, and the right things to worry about, and the right things to focus on might actually shift things around,” she said.

It could help students “overcome not just the kind of garden-variety depression and anxiety, but maybe even the bigger things too.”

But it’s not an overnight fix, she warned, students needs to put in the hard work it takes to be happy.

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