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From: Pacific Standard

The Positive Effects of Sports-Themed Video Games

Pacific Standard:

It’s widely believed that video games are partially responsible for the childhood obesity epidemic, since they encourage kids to sit in front of screens rather than go outside and play. If that’s your worry, you might want to … buy your kid a new video game.

Just make sure its title contains the acronym NFL, NBA, or MLB.

Newly published research suggests adolescents who play more sports-themed video games are more likely to get involved in real-life sports activities over time.

What’s more, playing these games appears to enhance kids’ self-esteem by allowing them to develop and master sports-related skills and knowledge.

Brock University psychologists Paul Adachi and Teena Willoughby followed 1,492 students from eight Ontario, Canada, high schools for four years, from grade nine to 12. As part of a larger annual survey, they were asked how often they had played organized sports during the past month.

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