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Practice necessary, but not enough to master chess

Yahoo News India:

There is a theory in psychology that the more you practice; the better you’ll do in areas like sports, music, and chess.

But, a psychological scientist has claimed that practice is necessary, but not sufficient, for player to get to the master level.

This may explain why some people achieved much higher levels even though they practiced much less than their peers.

Guillermo Campitelli, a researcher at Edith Cowan University in Joondalup, Australia, came to the conclusion after studying practicing on chess.

In one survey of chess players in Argentina, Campitelli and Fernand Gobet of Brunel University in the United Kingdom found that, indeed, practice is important.

All of the players that became masters had practice at least 3,000 hours.

“That was not surprising,” Campitelli stated.

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