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One in 25 bosses ‘is a psychopath’ but hides it with charm and business-speak

Daily Mail:

Business leaders are four times more likely to be psychopaths than the general population, a study has found.

One out of every 25 company high-flyers is believed to have the mental disorder but disguises it through their high status, charm and manipulation in the workplace.

And only favourable environmental factors – such as having had a happy childhood – prevent their psychopathic tendencies turning them into serial killers.

Psychologists say today’s ruthless corporate culture benefits people like Kevin Spacey’s character in the recent movie Horrible Bosses, by rewarding their natural callousness and disregard of others’ feelings.

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This note was written on a debate with a candidate suffering from the Psychoptahic boss but it is useful to show.

One of the most important aspects of a good employees’ armoury in dealing with a psychopathic and a difficult boss is the ability to “quit”. Sometimes, you can get into a syndrome of thought where you believe the Psychopath will be removed; and your rights of an employee will triumph. Invariably the Psychopath just does not go and you are losing time and money and value. “Quit” is a positive if used correctly.

Really, think of your talents with a much better boss; it makes sense and as per the Nike adverts, “Just Do It”!

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