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Mistakes are more tolerated if you’re the right gender for the job

Financial Post:

In these modern times, people can have jobs that weren’t traditionally associated with their genders. Men are nurses; women are chief executives. A new study examines perceptions of people in high-powered jobs and finds that they’re likely to be judged more harshly for mistakes if they’re in a job that’s not normally associated with their gender.

”The reason I got interested is, there was so much talk about race and gender barriers being broken,” says Victoria Brescoll, a psychological scientist at Yale University and first author of the study. In the 2008 presidential election, a woman came close to getting a nomination, and an African-American man ended up president of the United States — a job formerly reserved for white men.

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I am an up coming gender activist working with refugees in uganda. This page is so interesting and i want to be part of it so that i realy get the full dynamics of Gender, we share experiences and then transfer the information to athers.

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