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‘Man Up’: How A Fear Of Appearing Feminine Restricts Men, And Affects Us All

What comes to mind when you imagine a “girly” drink? Is it pink and fruity? Does it have lots of whipped cream? A tiny umbrella?

If you’re a man reading this, you might hesitate to order such a drink. Psychologist Jennifer Bosson studies gender, and once conducted a study with about 200 men and women. She asked them to write about a time when they violated gender norms.

Some of the women talked about being called a tomboy. Others mentioned times when they worked in male-dominated fields and were made to feel uncomfortable by coworkers.

But men?

“Men say things like, ‘I wore a pink shirt to work,’ or ‘I held my girlfriend’s purse while she ran into the bank,’ or ‘I ordered a drink at a restaurant, and when it came out to me, it had a little cocktail umbrella in it,'” she says.

Why would men make such a big deal out of trivial things?

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