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EXCLUSIVE WITH STEVEN PINKER: Remarkable developments are accelerating world progress faster than ever

Business Insider:

If you’re not optimistic, you’re not paying attention.

Take it from Steven Pinker, a Harvard psychologist who posited in his 2011 book “The Better Angels of Our Nature” that people are becoming more peaceful and society is getting better in several ways.

Even though humanity still faces tragedies such as war and hunger, our species is more peaceful today than it has ever been. For example, as Pinker shows in “Angels,” the homicide rate in Europe has fallen as much as fiftyfold since the Middle Ages. Meanwhile, the rate of deaths in war fell to an all-time low last decade.

We caught up with Pinker at the Association for Psychological Science conference in New York and by email, and we asked him why he thought things were going so well. He pointed to the following.

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