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Volume 33, Issue8October, 2020
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Making Votes Count: It’s as Much About Psychology (and Ballot Design) as Security

Poorly designed ballots can prevent voters from understanding, seeing, using, and processing information correctly, which can lead to voting failures that alter the outcome of elections. Applied psychologists and human factors engineers can make a real difference in ensuring that ballots accurately capture voter intent. More

This is a photos of James S.Jackson.

APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow James S. Jackson, a pioneering social psychologist known for his research on race and ethnicity, racism, and health and aging among African Americans, died on September 1, 2020. More

Lotte van Dillen, of Leiden University, studies the role of affect in consumption, financial decision-making, and judgment, especially under trying circumstances. More

Featuring articles on communicating psychological science, the cognitive benefits of education, and alcohol abuse. More