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Volume 30, Issue5May/June, 2017
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Globe-Spanning Science

Coverage of the 2017 International Convention of Psychological Science More

American Academy of Arts & Sciences

The American Academy of Arts & Sciences has elected APS Treasurer Roberta L. Klatzky, APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow J. Frank Yates, APS Fellow Mary C. “Molly” Potter, and several other psychological scientists as fellows, including them in a prestigious cadre of scholars and practitioners from academia, business, and government. More

Thousands of people, many wearing knitted “brain” caps, braved persistent rain on April 22 to participate in the flagship March for Science, held on the National Mall in Washington, DC. APS was one of many scientific organizations serving as partners for the event, as well as for satellite marches around the world. More

Five APS Fellows, including APS Past President Henry L. “Roddy” Roediger, III, have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. APS Fellows Baruch Fischhoff, Robert M. Seyfarth, and Michael Tomasello are also among the 84 newly elected More

In today’s society they may be hidden, but good shepherds do exist. They nurture. They guide. They use their foresight to keep their flock safe and ensure its survival. As graduate students, we often find ourselves members of such a flock, seeking guidance, knowledge, and survival skills from those who More

Research by the latest recipients of the Janet Taylor Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Contributions includes romantic relationship initiation, the psychological processes that guide moral judgment, and the link between socioeconomic inequality and children’s cognitive and brain development. This year’s recipients include Paul Eastwick, Kimberly Noble, A. Janet Tomiyama, Elliot Tucker-Drob, and Liane Young. More

Recipients of the APS Mentor Award for 2017 include David M. Buss, University of Texas at Austin; Randall W. Engle, Georgia Institute of Technology; Paul L. Harris, Harvard University; and Phoebe C. Ellsworth, University of Michigan. More

APS President Susan Goldin-Meadow argues that allowing different kinds of data in psychological science gives researchers ways to test a hypothesis using multiple approaches, thereby strengthening their conclusions. More