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Volume 29, Issue10December, 2016
Digital Edition

The Science of Sameness

Mavericks are memorable, but to conform is generally the norm. Psychological studies are now exploring conformity as more than just a learned behavior, but one that involves a mix of reward and punishment processes in the brain. More

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Volume 29, Issue10December, 2016

Digital Edition

  • Research Preregistration 101

    Psychological Science Editor in Chief D. Stephen Lindsay, Clinical Psychological Science Editor Scott O. Lilienfeld, and APS Fellow Daniel J. Simons explain the rationale for and benefits of preregistration, for researchers and for the field of psychological science at large. More

  • Desirable Difficulties

    Most students try to make studying and learning as easy and efficient as possible. But research by APS James McKeen Cattell Fellows Elizabeth L. Bjork and Robert A. Bjork shows that many commonly used learning strategies actually are counterproductive. More

  • Remembering George Mandler

    A scientist who made historic contributions to the study of memory, consciousness, and emotion is remembered for his interest in the work of young researchers and his efforts to promote their work. More

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Books to Check Out: December 2016

Introduction to the New Statistics: Estimation, Open Science, and Beyond by Geoff Cumming and Robert Calin-Jageman; Routledge, October 12, 2016. More

Women‘s Colleges and the STEM Gender Gap

In a guest column, APS Fellow and Smith College President Kathleen McCartney explains how women’s colleges are uniquely positioned to counter the stubborn gender imbalance in scientific fields. More

Spelke Awarded Heineken Prize

APS William James Fellow Elizabeth S. Spelke, a Harvard University psychological scientist widely known for her research on the cognitive More