APS to Launch New Research Methods and Practices Journal

APS is launching a new journal to serve as the home for dissemination and discussion of new developments in research methodology and practices.

Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science will publish new types of empirical work along with articles and tutorials on research practices, methods, and conduct. An APS search committee has begun considering nominations for the Founding Editor.

An explicit part of the journal’s mission is to encourage integration of methodological and analytical questions across multiple branches of psychological science. Other types of articles the new journal aims to publish include large-scale studies using new and innovative methodologies, statistical techniques, and modeling; best-practices papers and multilab antagonistic collaborations designed to resolve theoretical disagreements; and multilab studies beyond the scope of single labs. The journal also will become the new center for APS’s innovative Registered Replication Reports, currently published in Perspectives on Psychological Science.

The search committee intends to select a scientist who can assemble and lead a team of editors covering methodologies and practices across all of psychological science. The Editor will begin work in January 2017 or as soon thereafter as possible and will start soliciting and evaluating manuscripts throughout the year to prepare for the journal’s first issue in early 2018.

The search committee includes APS Past President Henry L. “Roddy” Roediger, III (Chair) of Washington University in St. Louis; APS Board Members Dorthe Berntsen of Aarhus University, Denmark, and Simine Vazire of the University of California, Davis; former Psychological Science Editor in Chief Eric Eich of the University of British Columbia, Canada; APS Fellows Michael C. Frank and Russell A. Poldrack (both of Stanford University) and Brian Nosek of the University of Virginia and the Center for Open Science; Teresa A. Treat of the University of Iowa; and APS Executive Director Sarah Brookhart (ex officio).

“The APS Publications Committee and the APS Board of Directors are excited about launching this new journal with our partner, SAGE Publishing,” Roediger said. “I believe the journal will attract an exciting variety of papers, with its multiple formats for articles, and will serve to improve the methods and standards of psychological science and science in related fields. The search committee is hoping to appoint a visionary and experienced founding editor to launch the journal.”

APS President Susan Goldin-Meadow added, “This will be a unique publication for our field, one that is designed to make methodological advances accessible to researchers across areas. It reflects APS’s leadership in efforts to bolster psychological science through innovation and methodological advances.” œ