Congratulations to the 2024 APS Award Recipients

APS honors members in the earliest stages of their careers as well as accomplished leaders with the field’s most prestigious awards and recognitions.

This recognition is a critical part of supporting and encouraging scientific advances in our field. The dramatic advances in psychological science over the past three decades reflect the outstanding accomplishments of APS members and fellows.

2024 APS Award Recipients

Watch the 2024 APS Award Ceremony recording.

2024 APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award

Honoring APS members for their lifetime of significant intellectual achievements in applied psychological research and their impact on a critical problem in society at large.

Steven C. Hayes, University of Nevada, Reno
Anthony Jorm, University of Melbourne
Gordon Legge, University of Minnesota

2024 APS James S. Jackson Lifetime Achievement Award for Transformative Scholarship

Honoring APS members for their lifetime of outstanding psychological research that advances understanding of historically disadvantaged racial and ethnic groups and/or understanding of the psychological and societal benefits of racial/ethnic diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Vickie M. Mays, University of California, Los Angeles
Robert Sellers, University of Michigan

2024 APS Mentor Award

Recognizing APS members who have significantly fostered the careers of others, honoring those who masterfully help students and others find their own voices and discover their own research and career goals.

James Gross, Stanford University
Claus Lamm, University of Vienna
Brenda Major, University of California, Santa Barbara
Catherine (Cammie) McBride, Purdue University
Julio J. Ramirez, Davidson College

2024 APS William James Fellow Award

Honoring APS members for their lifetime of significant intellectual contributions to the basic science of psychology.

Jacquelynne Eccles, University of California, Irvine
Lynn Hasher, Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Centre, and Rose Zacks, Michigan State University (joint award)
Shinobu Kitayama, University of Michigan
Henry M. Wellman, University of Michigan

APS Janet Taylor Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Contributions

Recognizing APS members who have made transformative early career contributions to psychological science.

Sacha Epskamp, National University of Singapore
Amit Goldenberg, Harvard Business School
Jonas Kunst, University of Oslo
Peggy Liu, University of Pittsburgh
Jackson Lu, MIT
Leah Richmond-Rakerd, University of Michigan
Monica Rosenberg, University of Chicago