APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award

2018 Award Recipients

  • Richard BryantRichard A. Bryant
    University of New
    South Wales, Australia
  • fiske_susanJanet Shibley Hyde
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • wells_garyRichard E. Mayer
    University of California, Santa Barbara
James McKeen Cattell
James McKeen Cattell

Cattell, an experimental psychologist, developed research techniques that allow for the study of groups of people and the individual differences among them. Cattell’s tasks demanded only easy, straightforward responses such as reacting rapidly to a light or sound and judging differences in weights, lengths of lines, or intervals of time. He coined the label “mental tests.”

Source: An Illustrated History of American Psychology, published by the Archives of the History of American Psychology, University of Akron.

About the James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award

The APS James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award recognizes APS members for a lifetime of outstanding contributions to the area of applied psychological research. Recipients must be APS members whose research addresses a critical problem in society at large. Honorees are recognized annually at the APS Convention.

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