APS Mentor Award


2019 Recipients

Geraldine Downey
Columbia University

Carol S. Dweck
Stanford University

Marcia K. Johnson
Yale University

Mark H. Johnson
University of Cambridge and Birkbeck, University of London



About the APS Mentor Award

The APS Mentor Award recognizes psychology researchers and educators who have shaped the future directions of science by fostering the careers of students and colleagues.

A mentor can be many things: That professor or advisor who made a special effort, transforming our career paths; that inspirational researcher who influenced a larger group of scientists through broader efforts, such as leading an organization or laboratory, or through lecturing and conducting seminars and workshops. There may be other models as well, including for undergraduate institutions and applied settings.

The APS Mentor Award honors the importance of mentoring in our field as well as the dedication and impact of individuals with a distinguished record of teaching, advising, and encouraging students and colleagues who go on to have productive and influential research careers.

The Mentor Award committee seeks nominations for the APS Mentor Award. The nominee must be a member of APS to be considered for this award. Nominations should describe the nominee’s mentoring process as well as the impact of the mentor’s influence on the careers of students and/or colleagues. The APS Mentor Awards are presented each year at the APS Annual Convention.

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