APS William James Fellow Award

2018 Award Recipients

  • John CacciopoJohn T. Cacioppo
    University of Chicago
  • Jonathan CohenJonathan D. Cohen
    Princeton University
  • Barbara LandauBarbara Landau
    Johns Hopkins University
  • Linda SmithLinda B. Smith
    Indiana University Bloomington

William James

William James 1842-1910

James, referred to as the father of modern psychology, was one of the most influential pioneer theorists in psychology. James thought of psychology as a division of biology, and he argued that it should study adaptation. He believed utility is one of the most valid indices of value, and talked about the relevance of investigating the role of consciousness, the nature and effect of emotions, and the usefulness of habits and instincts.

Source: An Illustrated History of American Psychology, published by the Archives of the History of American Psychology, University of Akron.

About the APS William James Fellow Award

The APS William James Fellow Award honors APS members for their lifetime of significant intellectual contributions to the basic science of psychology. Recipients must be APS members recognized internationally for their outstanding contributions to scientific psychology. Honorees are recognized annually at the APS Convention.

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