APS William James Fellow Award

2021 Award Recipients


Michelene T.H. Chi
Arizona State University

Dante Cicchetti
University of Minnesota

Nancy G. Kanwisher
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

James W. Pennebaker
The University of Texas at Austin
Photo by Marsha Miller
William James
William James

About the APS William James Fellow Award

The APS William James Fellow Award honors APS members for their lifetime of significant intellectual contributions to the basic science of psychology. Recipients must be APS members recognized internationally for their outstanding contributions to scientific psychology. Honorees are recognized annually at the APS Convention.

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APS William James Fellow Award Committee
Timothy D. Wilson (Chair), University of Virginia
Linda Bartoshuk, University of Florida
Alice H. Eagly, Northwestern University
Richard Ivry, University of California, Berkeley
Janet Werker, University of British Columbia
Cindy Yee-Bradbury, University of California, Los Angeles