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How Your Hobbies Impact Your Work Performance

Inc. Magazine:

Hopefully, you don’t need an extra reason to enjoy your hobbies, but if you happen to be one of the many professionals who are struggling to keep their constant busyness from encroaching on their favorite activities, a new study might give you a motivation boost to keep up with your pastime of choice.

The research out of San Francisco State University looked at how creative activities like knitting, cooking, painting, photography, gardening or what-have-you affect work performance. In a two-part study the team of psychologists asked 341 professionals about their pastimes and also asked them to rate both their level of creativity at work and the level to which they support their colleagues. Another group of 92 Air Force Captain also gave information about their after hours pursuits and had their evaluations of job performance examined.

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I have a friend who swears that knitting regularly keeps her depression at bay. I totally believe that these kind of activities have a positive effect on your well being. It occupies and focuses the mind on something else which relieves the constant nag of a mental illness and allows the body to get over the symptoms mental illness can produce.

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