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Advancing Science Through the Use of “New Statistics”

A new tutorial from Geoff Cumming of La Trobe University explains how embracing the “new statistics” of effect sizes, estimation, and meta-analysis can bolster the integrity of scientific research. ... More>

Psychological Science Sets New Standards for Research Reporting

The leading journal in psychological science is introducing innovative new guidelines for authors, part of an effort to strengthen the reporting and analysis of findings in psychological research. ... More>

Observer Article

APS Replication Initiative Under Way

Two-hundred thousand dollars in grant funding is available to increase the number and variety of registered replications ... More>

Academic Observer

What’s New at Psychological Science

The Academic Observer sat down with Editor in Chief Eric Eich to talk about his experience with the journal so far and the exciting new changes ahead. ... More>


Could Your Last Name Be Hampering Your Career Path?

People with noble-sounding last names, such as Kaiser, may have an advantage on the management track. ... More>