Statistical Analysis

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Randomly Confused I AM PUZZLED BY THE ARTICLE titled, “How Random Is That?” [September 2005 Observer]. The article appears to confuse (or at least not helpfully distinguish) random selection with several other “randoms” that populate our research vernacular. A similar confusion among several doctoral students taking comprehensive exams led me More

Dropping The Ball

“If you don’t want to discover true associations, ignore what is going on among modern [statistical] techniques,” said Rand Wilcox, University of Southern California, playfully addressing the overflow audience. Wilcox’s invited address entitled, “More Reasons Why Discoveries Are Lost by Ignoring Modern Statistical Methods: Some Recent Advances When Comparing Groups More

Can the Weak Link in Psychological Research be Fixed?

My impression of psychological research is that it is conducted by bright, well-trained individuals armed with millions of dollars in research funds and that their work is resulting in massive amounts of data relevant to a wide range of important and interesting issues. There is, however, a component of this More