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The Think Tank Gala

The Think Tank is a mobile cognitive science lab and education station. We’ll drive to schools and museums to inspire hundreds of young minds as we work to close the […]... More>

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Improving the Health of All Americans

Meet two Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars working to build capacity for research, leadership, and policy changes to improve the nation’s health. ... More>

Tessa West

New York University What does your research focus on? My research primarily examines the dynamics that unfold during dyadic interactions, with a particular focus on the intergroup (e.g., cross-race) […]... More>

How to Defuse a Hateful Slur

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Different Strokes for Different Folks

When Jo Ann Gardner and Charles Thomas sat down with Psychology Today editor T. George Harris in 1970, the historical backdrop was the rapid social and political transformations rocking American culture. Academic psychology was not immune. ... More>