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Eleanor Maccoby Talks Developmental Psychology, Gender Studies

APS William James Fellow Eleanor Maccoby recently spoke about her work in developmental psychology and gender studies with APS Past President Kay Deaux. ... More>


Inside Social Modeling With Albert Bandura

Albert Bandura discusses his career and his influential theory of social learning with Gian Vittorio Caprara. ... More>

Bruner’s Groundbreaking Contributions to Cognitive Psychology

Legendary psychological scientist Jerome S. Bruner was interviewed by historian Robin Cautin, Manhattanville College, at the Annual Meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association in March 2013. ... More>

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Recalling the Early Days of Memory Science With Brenda Milner

Brenda Milner shares the story behind her groundbreaking research with Carol A. Tavris. ... More>

Elliot Aronson: The Scientist and the Humanist

The Scientist and the Humanist: A Conversation with Elliot Aronson Hosted by Carol Tavris and Joshua Aronson April 11, 2008 — Boise, Idaho See more interviews with legends of psychological […]... More>