So far, it is the best conversation I have heard on the subject of social Psychology by a renowned psychologist himself.

Great interview! We are so lucky to have Eliot Aronson as an ambassador for social psychology. I am going to make it required viewing for my social psych students and my research assistants!

What a beautiful conversation. One of the best I have listened to and I am not even in the business of psychology.

I so enjoyed the conversation by Eliot Aronson especially the part about racial bias within the society and how certain sect of people are perceived by others. I truly enjoyed the experimental factor of having the groups come together to work on finding a solution for a problem by working together and analyzing the positive results for a successful conclusion to conflict.

Incredible essence of what we all need to do: Help ourselves, fist, by looking carefully to see our own weaknesses. Then, set the stage for others to open up to help others be less aggressive, less prejudice, more positive, and communicate to ALL with “expressive individualism.” When absorbing and applying to ourselves, what Dr. Aronson has to say, there can really NOT be a logical argument that says, “humans have no sustainable way to help each other for the good of human kind. His work is crystal clear that his ideas with substance speaks millions of ways (with good reasons) to improve ourselves and society, and maybe the world.

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