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Sleep Unbinds Memories From Their Emotional Context

The authors of a recent article in the journal Cortex wondered if sleep could protect memories from emotional interference. ... More>

Blindsight in Children With Cerebral Lesions

A study published in Cortex addresses why some children who sustain damage to the visual processing areas of the brain retain an unconscious ability to respond to visual stimuli. ... More>

The Influence of Children’s Personalities on Interventions for Aggression

In a new study, a group of psychological scientists examines how personality influences the effectiveness of an intervention for aggressive children. ... More>

Trading Places

Hide-and-seek: child’s play, or an important developmental tool that teaches children how to work together? British scientists Alex Gillespie and Beth Richardson think it might be both. ... More>

Study: False Memory Increases in Nonhabitual Consumers of Caffeine

The consumption of as little as 100 mg of caffeine elicits reliable changes in arousal and, in turn, false memories in individuals who do not habitually consume caffeine, according to a new study. ... More>