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Journal Impact Factors

Henry L. Roediger, III, chair of APS's Publications Committee, says Impact Factors are a flawed measure in academic publishing. ... More>

Member Article

Citation-Based Indices of Scholarly Impact: Databases and Norms

Scholarly impact has long been an intriguing research topic as well as a crucial factor in making consequential decisions. As decision makers ramp up their reliance on objective measures, quantifying scholarly impact effectively has never been more important. ... More>

APS Journal Seeks Labs to Participate in First Registered Replication Report Project

Two months after APS launched an initiative to promote and publish replication studies, the first protocol has been finalized. Editors are accepting proposals from researchers who would like to contribute an independent replication to the project. ... More>

Perspectives Celebrates 25 Years of APS

APS is turning 25 – to celebrate, upcoming issues of Perspectives on Psychological Science will feature special sections that look back at the last 25 years of our field. ... More>

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Celebrating 25 Years of APS

The next few issues of APS’s journal Perspectives on Psychological Science will include special sections highlighting some of the major changes in the field between 1988 and the present. ... More>