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Rigor Without Rigor Mortis: The APS Board Discusses Research Integrity

From the influence of impact factors to promoting transparency, the APS Board discusses ways to build a better psychological science. ... More>

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New APS Officers


APS welcomes our new officers for 2011–2012. Read more about Douglas L. Medin, Joseph E. Steinmetz, Lisa Feldman Barrett, Susan A. Gelman, and Gün R. Semin here.... More>

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New APS Leaders

Linda Bartoshuk University of Florida President, 2009-2010 Linda Bartoshuk, an APS Fellow and Charter Member, has dedicated time and energy to APS since its inception. She is a familiar face […]... More>

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Medin Returns to APS Board as President-Elect

The APS Board of Directors is set for 2010-11. Douglas Medin joins the Board as President-Elect while Mahzarin Banaji takes the helm as President and Linda Bartoshuk transitions to Immediate Past President. Newly-elected Board Members Janet Polivy and Morris Moscovitch are beginning their three-year terms on the Board.... More>

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APS Welcomes New Board Members

The new APS Board of Directors is set for 2008-2009. Walter Mischel takes the helm as APS President, succeeding John T. Cacioppo who, after guiding APS through its 20th anniversary […]... More>