Arabs Are Blamed for Car Accidents More Than Caucasians (APSSC Award Winner)

In case you missed it, the cameras were rolling at the APS 23rd Annual Convention in Washington, DC. Watch Allison Skinner from the University of Southern Indiana present her research on “Anti-Arab Prejudice Extends Beyond Terrorist Stereotypes: Arabs Are Blamed for Car Accidents More Than Caucasians.”

Allison L. Skinner
University of Southern Indiana

Margaret C. Stevenson
University of Evansville

Michele Breault
Truman State University

We investigated the influence of drivers’ race (Arab versus Caucasian) on the evaluation of blame in an automobile accident. Participants blamed the Arab driver more than the Caucasian driver, yet participant gender moderated the effect of race. Men allocated marginally more blame to the Arab than Caucasian driver, but women did not.

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