Montreal Gazette: Touting the benefits of tolerance, as opposed to trying to shame people for their prejudices, can be more effective in reducing racism, suggests a new study from researchers at the University of Toronto. Aggressive anti-racism campaigns might actually increase bias toward other groups, while messages emphasizing the personal More

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel: She’s mean, she’s off-putting, she’s distant toward her female coworkers—and she’s the boss.  Dutch researchers at Leiden University said that negative traits in a female boss may actually reflect how she copes with being a woman in power in a sexist environment. As women assume leadership positions More

Nieuwsbank: Van seksistische werksituaties worden vrouwen âqueen beesâ Wil je als organisatie meer vrouwen aan de top, dan lukt dat niet door simpelweg een paar vrouwen op topposities te zetten, stellen Leidse onderzoekers. Beter verander je de seksistische organisatiecultuur, want die zorgt voor queen bee-gedrag: vrouwen vechten voor hun eigen More

LiveScience: Using a theory that could explain everything from helpful strangers to former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s salacious tweeting to the riots that shook Vancouver after the city’s hockey team lost the Stanley Cup, researchers are now suggesting that anonymity, power and booze are more alike than you might think. Whether More