US Supreme Court Recognizes Role of Unconscious Bias in Disparate Treatment

Most people aim to treat others with fairness and equality — and yet, research from psychological science shows that, despite our best intentions, our behavior is often influenced by subtle biases that operate outside our conscious awareness. In an historic decision on the Fair Housing Act issued last week, U.S. More

Customer Loyalty May Depend on the Race of a Company’s Leader

Franklin Raines was appointed CEO of Fannie Mae in 1999 — making him the first black CEO in America to lead a Fortune 500 company. Since then, only 14 other black CEOs have assumed the top leadership role within America’s most powerful companies. For years, researchers have found evidence that More

Going to the Principal’s Office, in Black or White

Pacific Standard: Despite decades of political debate, racial disparities continue to run rampant in American schools. One particularly important imbalance: the race gap in school discipline, especially suspension rates. Now, researchers have discovered an unfortunate revelation: Teachers come down harder on black students than whites for the same infractions. … But an explanation More