Sensory Systems

Visualized Heartbeat Can Trigger ‘Out-of-Body Experience’

A visual projection of human heartbeats can be used to generate an “out-of-body experience,” according to new research to be published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. The findings could inform new kinds of treatment for people with self-perception disorders, including anorexia. The study, conducted More

You Can Smell Other People’s Emotions, and They’re Contagious

Forbes: Emotions are the primary driver of our behavior. Everything we experience in the world around us—no matter how small—generates an emotional response that motivates action. Sometimes emotions move us to act before we even have a chance to think rationally about them. Emotions are also contagious. The brain has More

Scientists provide fresh insights into post-sleep paralysis distress

Toronto Telegraph: Canadian scientists have identified the factors that cause distress after sleep paralysis, a psychological phenomenon of which little was previously known, according to a study. Sleep paralysis is a distressing phenomenon often accompanied by vivid sensory or perceptual experiences, which can include complex and disturbing hallucinations and intense More

Sleep Paralysis: Researchers Identify What Makes The Sleep Condition So Distressing

The Huffington Post: Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis, the condition where you may feel totally physically paralyzed either right before falling asleep or immediately upon waking up? If you felt panicked after the experience, science is getting closer to understanding why. A new study examines what exactly makes people More