The Atlantic: Of our modern marketplace, The Economist wrote: “Choice seduces the modern consumer at every turn.” But what happens when we stop consuming something? Does that make us want it more? Or less? The question of whether something becomes more attractive the less you have of it depends on many factors. More

La Stampa: Il cervello è naturalmente dotato di una “centralina” per calcolare le calorie degli alimenti che elabora insieme ai dati nutrizionali, secondo uno studio basato su immagini di risonanza magnetica. La ricerca, realizzata dall’équipe guidata da Alain Dagher dell’Istituto neurologico di Montreal, è pubblicata su Psychological Science. Gli studiosi hanno More

Pacific Standard: Nestled in the tony hills of Sherman Oaks, California, the capacious two-story home has almost everything. Outfitted with “glistening hardwood floors and beautiful moldings throughout,” the house features six bedrooms, a kitchen with a sailboat-sized island and a huge Sub-Zero refrigerator, a living room with a fireplace, rainfall showerheads, a mysterious upstairs More