Scientific American: The top performers in their fields—from LeBron James to Oprah Winfrey to Bill Gates—seem to have it all. Through a combination of talent, drive, and hard work, they lead their organizations to the next level. In fact, according to a recent estimate, top performers produce 20 to 30 More

Individuals’ bodies and their abilities to act within their environments shape their perceptions of their surroundings, says psychological scientist Jessica Witt, Colorado State University. Witt discussed the psychophysics experiments she’s conducted to demonstrate these perceptions during one of four presentations in a Presidential Symposium chaired by Susan Goldin-Meadow. More

The Stanford Daily: In a recent study published in Psychological Science, Stanford researchers concluded that the key to better exam performance is not to work harder, but to use preparatory materials more strategically. The study’s lead author, Patricia Chen, a postdoctoral research fellow in psychology, became interested in test-taking preparation after More