Watch the ICPS Keynote Addresses: Decoding the Neural Signature of Consciousness Stanislas Dehaene The Lasting Power of Patience Terrie E. Moffitt How Brains Think George Lakoff Years ago, it was common for psychological scientists to talk about the role of genes in behavior without any input from geneticists; they would More

Psychological science, once criticized for underestimating the impact of socioeconomic factors on psychological development and functioning, now plays a lead role in investigating how wealth and poverty affect thought, emotion, and action throughout our lives. Top researchers from the United States and Europe presented some of the most profound findings More

From dangerous driving to drug use, numerous studies have shown that teens are far more likely to engage in a slew of risky behaviors when they’re with peers than when they’re alone. For example, studies conducted by Laurence Steinberg of Temple University demonstrated that teens—who are already among the most More