As previously reported in the APS Observer, Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) unveiled what was said to be the world’s largest anatomically correct sculpture of a human brain at the Department of Psychological and Brain Science’s recent 125th anniversary celebration. But following a refutation from APS Fellow F. Robert Treichler at More

University of California, Irvine What does your research focus on? My primary research interests are in the neurobiology of learning and memory, with a particular focus on the neurobiological processes of information storage in the cerebral cortex. A critical issue in behavioral neuroscience is to find neural substrates that More


The unifying Opportunities and Challenges in Social Neuroscience conference at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, is bringing together psychological scientists from around the world to discuss the directions that neuroscience is heading. New techniques resulting from advances in mapping the functional anatomy of the brain offer deeper insights into brain functioning, behavior, and More