Fatigue is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most dangerous driving impairments. But that drowsiness is not just the product of sleep deprivation or over-exertion. Sluggishness resulting from the common cold can also hamper driving abilities. Psychologists Andrew Paul Smith and Samantha Jamson of Cardiff University wanted to investigate More

More than a decade ago, researchers discovered that London taxi drivers, who have to navigate one of the most byzantine street grids in the world, have atypical brain characteristics. Specifically, the posterior hippocampi—a brain region associated with spatial memory—are larger compared to other people, scientists found. A new study offers More

For many, the term “distracted driving” conjures up a familiar image: a motorist talking or texting on a cell phone instead of paying attention to the surrounding traffic and road conditions. The dangers of phoning or texting while driving are so evident that 13 American states have passed laws banning More