From: New York Magazine

The Common Cold Makes You a Lousy Driver

New York Magazine:

We get that drinking and driving is bad news, and researchers who study this stuff are now getting the message across that drowsy driving and distracted driving are no good either. But here’s a new one: Something as simple as the common cold might also impair your alertness and reaction time behind the wheel, according to some new research.

It’s a small study, with just 25 participants, some of whom were healthy and some of whom were battling a cold. Two researchers from Cardiff University ran them through two tests, including a driving simulation requiring them to steer around obstacles while tracking their speed and how closely they obeyed traffic laws. The Association for Psychological Science reports the findings:

Smith and Jamson found that those students with a cold performed more poorly than their healthier counterparts in many of the measurements.

Read the whole story: New York Magazine

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