Why Do People Lie When They Can Easily Get Caught?

TIME: On Wednesday, Steve Rannazzisi—a comedian who found fame on MTV’s Punk’d and has stars in the popular FXX show The League—admitted he had fabricated a story that he said was the basis for his success: barely escaping the tumbling south tower on September 11, 2001, while working a desk More

Is Lying Rational?

Scientific American: Everybody lies. But for the most part, we still see ourselves as good, honest people. So, why do we do it—and are we all just kidding ourselves? This is Scientific American’s 60-Second Science. I’m Daisy Yuhas. Got a minute? Behavioral economist Dan Ariely, at Duke University, studies irrational More

A touch of evil

Aeon: Malevolent personalities come in flavours, says Del Paulhus, the University of British Columbia psychologist who coined the term ‘dark triad’ to describe a trifecta of human evil: the Machiavellian plotter strategising the downfall of others, smiling all the while; the impulsive psychopath, pouncing to steal a friends’ last penny More